Designer Awnings Awarded Sunesta Dealer of the Year

Designer Awnings is proud to announce our team has earned the title of Sunesta Dealer of the Year. This is an honor that means a lot to us as it demonstrates our dedication to supplying our customers throughout Pennsylvania with Sunesta awnings and retractable screens made from the highest quality materials. Learn more about the products we offer from this reputable brand and the reasons why we have been awarded this coveted distinction.

About Sunesta

Sunesta began operation in 1981 and has become a pioneer in manufacturing customized retractable awnings. Sunesta retractable awnings not only look fantastic but demonstrate superior strength and durability. Additionally, the brand was the first manufacturing company in North America to offer a national line of ready-to-install retractable awnings.

Built on a tradition of innovation and engineering excellence, Sunesta creates products that are precisely crafted and offer homeowners a variety of useful benefits, such as the ability to block the sun while reserving their exterior views. Today, Sunesta celebrates over 40 years of being in business and continues to push the envelope when it comes to retractable awnings and screens.

Sunesta Retractable Awnings and More at Designer Awnings

At Designer Awnings, we pride ourselves on having strong core values and it is our mission to provide our clients with dependable and trustworthy products that elevate their outdoor spaces. To accomplish this, we knew we needed to partner with a company that shares our passion. We are glad to have worked with Sunesta since the year we were founded, offering our clients top-of-the-line sun-blocking products.

We work hand-in-hand with Sunesta’s engineering and manufacturing teams to provide our clients with one-of-a-kind sun protection products. Clients can choose from the following Sunesta offerings at Designer Awnings:


You want to be outside whenever you can during the warmer months, but the heat and intensity of the sun can limit that opportunity. Awnings allow homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces even on cloudless, warm days. Our selection of Sunesta outdoor awnings provides homeowners with weather protection, energy efficiency, enhanced aesthetics, and several other great benefits. Sunesta retractable awnings we offer include:

Retractable Screens

Inclement weather, lack of privacy, insects or pests, and other factors often limit the time families spend enjoying their outdoor area. Retractable screens help homeowners overcome these elements, allowing them to take full advantage of their space. Designer Awnings offers two different Sunesta retractable screen models, The Sunroll and The Sentry. Clients can select which model best suits their needs and their property.

Awning Accessories

While awnings can enhance an outdoor space on their own, awning accessories offer a whole new experience. These products make retractable awnings even more convenient for users. Accessories can also help protect your awning, preserving its integrity.

The Sunboot from Sunesta keeps your awning clean and protected during the winter months when it is not in use. Available for all Sunesta awning models, this awning accessory is crafted with matching acrylic fabric that wards off moisture, wind, dirt, and animals. With a secure fit thanks to the included Velcro straps, the cover offers added defense when the awning is retracted.

The Designer Awnings Difference

Continual supplying of Sunesta products and a commitment to premium service has earned Designer Awnings the honor of Sunesta Dealer of the Year. All of the Sunesta products we sell are manufactured at the Sunesta facility in Jacksonville, Florida. We work closely with Sunesta’s in-house experts to ensure that every awning’s components and features are designed with a focus on innovation, exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Our family-owned company is proud to wear the crown of Sunesta Dealer of the Year, but our dedication to customer service will remain regardless of accolades. We are committed to the continual improvement of the services we offer clients located in Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, or the Lehigh Counties in PA. For more information regarding our services or Sunesta retractable awnings, please contact us today.

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