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The Suncover Awning Providing Shade

One of the most enjoyable areas of a home is an outdoor living space, which can be designed in a manner that best fits your particular specifications. Whether you add furniture to your space to create an outdoor oasis or install an entire outdoor kitchen, you will want to keep this area protected. The Suncover from Sunesta is the perfect solution to keeping you and your outdoor area protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and Designer Awnings is proud to offer these high-quality courtyard awnings to clients throughout Pennsylvania’s Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, and Lehigh Counties.

Why Choose The Suncover?

Shielding you from the sun and inclement weather conditions, The Suncover from Sunesta offers you complete protection from the outdoor elements. This versatile retractable awning system can be mounted atop an existing structure such as a pergola, skylight, or sunroom. With single unit widths up to 18’ by 23’ and the ability to join multiple units, the coverage of this awning is only limited to your space. What’s more, The Suncover offers a choice of hundreds of acrylic fabrics making it easy to find the best style for your home.

The Suncover offers plenty of benefits, such as:

Protection against Harsh Outdoor Elements

A top benefit to outfitting your outdoor space with The Suncover is the protection from hail, ultraviolet rays that come directly from the sun, and heavy rain. The Suncover is also highly effective at protecting your outdoor and indoor furniture. When sun rays shine against your home, the rays that get through your windows can eventually cause the colors of your furniture to fade and for the quality of the materials to worsen. By placing an awning over your porch, you can keep sun rays from hitting your furniture, which should extend the life of any pieces of furniture, as well as your carpet.

Entertainment Area for Friends and Family

If you love to entertain guests and spend time with your friends and family, your porch can make for the perfect entertainment area during the warmer spring and summer months. The Suncover will allow everyone to enjoy the outdoors without needing to worry about the elements. Since this retractable awning is capable of covering the entire porch, you will be able to entertain your guests in all types of weather.

Lower Energy Bills

Installing an awning for your outdoor space can significantly reduce your electric bill during those hot summer months. With The Suncover installed, your porch will be covered entirely, which means that the sun won’t reach the door that leads outdoors. As such, your home will remain cooler, and you may find that you won’t need to use the air conditioner as often.

Increased Resale Value

Installing The Suncover in your outdoor space is a great way to increase the resale value of your home. Prospective homeowners look for anything that allows them to get the most out of their investment. If you want to increase the value of your home, placing an awning over your porch can turn a standard porch into a great outdoor living area perfect for entreating and a variety of other uses.

Protect Your Outdoor Space with The Suncover

A great outdoor space deserves a great awning to protect it from harsh outdoor elements. The Suncover will provide you with the protection you’re looking for while offering you benefits you didn’t know you wanted. For over 20 years, Designer Awnings has provided Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, and Lehigh Counties with high-quality quality awnings for your home and outdoor space. For more information on The Suncover and other the awnings we offer, please contact us.

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