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Benefits of My Link Awning Operation

Retractable awnings and retractable screens offer superior sun protection and allow property owners to make the most of their outdoor spaces. Operating your awning or screen has never been easier thanks to the Sunesta Tahoma app. This easy plug-in device transforms a smartphone into an awning remote control and provides users with several other incredible advantages. Here, Designer Awnings, a family-owned business that specializes in providing sun-blocking and motorized solutions, details the benefits and uses of the Sunesta Tahoma app, as well as discusses what users can expect.

What Is the Sunesta Tahoma?

The Sunesta Tahama is a device that plugs in and turns any smartphone or tablet into a convenient remote control for motorized sun solutions. By use of advanced technology, the device allows users to control multiple motorized solutions at once with ease. The Tahoma can be paired with Alexa, IFTTT, and Google Home, allowing users to control their retractable sun-blocking solutions with their voice or with other connected products in their homes.

Incorporating the Tahoma device into your current retractable awning or screen setup is simple. To do so, users just need to plug in the device, download the correct app on their cellular device, connect to Wi-Fi, and begin controlling their sun-blocking solutions.

Advantages of the Sunesta Tahoma App

The Sunesta Tahoma puts you in control of your motorized awning or sunscreen and offers several great benefits for maintaining adequate shade in your backyard. Some of the reasons why homeowners find Tahoma so useful include:

Control Awning From Anywhere

With the Tahoma device and app, you no longer need to be home to control your retractable awning. Now, you can be anywhere and still have full access to your motorized sun protector. This allows users to maximize the many benefits of their awning, such as enhanced energy efficiency, UV protection, and privacy.

Schedule Motorized Applications

In the Tahoma app, homeowners can schedule when they want their awning to be extended or retracted based on the time of day. If you wish to start your day by welcoming warmth and sunlight, you can arrange that without needing to lift a finger in the morning.

Conversely, if you desire privacy in the evening, create a schedule so all your sunshades close at the same time. This advanced feature provides property owners with privacy and peace of mind.

Create Your Ideal Scene

The Tahoma device and app enable users to create their ideal scene with the ability to control multiple motorized products across different channels. When using the app, you can now effortlessly manage any sunlight to reduce glare, increase privacy if needed, or expose your space to the sunshine to create your ideal living environment.

Other Accessories Available for Your Wireless Awning

Property owners can elevate the functionality of their awning by incorporating accessories that amplify its usefulness. Other accessories available to pair with your awning include:

  • LED lights: Make use of your outdoor space at night by installing LED lights. Customizable settings allow you to create the perfect ambiance and your preferred mood.
  • Motion sensors: Eliminate the threat of damaging high winds with motion sensors. When motion sensors detect incoming high winds, your awning will retract automatically.
  • The Sunboot: This winter cover accessory helps keep your awning protected from outdoor elements, increasing the longevity of your sun protector.

Discover More at Designer Awnings

At Designer Awnings, we’re dedicated to making sun protection for your home or commercial property simple and easy. We’re pleased to offer clients several useful accessories to pair with their retractable awning or screen, including the Sunesta Tahoma device. This accessory can turn your smartphone or tablet into an awning remote control, giving you more convenience and peace of mind with your retractable awnings.   

Those located in Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, and Lehigh Counties who wish to learn more about My Link or our full selection of Sunesta sun-blocking products can contact us at Designer Awnings today.

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