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Improving Your Awning with Accessories

Awnings already enhance an outdoor space given their ability to create comfortable living areas outside. By adding awning accessories, your experience can be taken to a whole new level. Here, Designer Awnings, a family-owned company offering custom awnings and screens throughout Pennsylvania, discusses how accessories can improve your awning and why you should consider adding them to your space.

Different Awning Accessories

Owning an awning makes relaxing and entertaining outdoors simple and easy. However, with the right accessories, you can create an even more enjoyable space for you and your guests. Awning accessories that can help improve the functionality of your sun shade include:

LED Lights

Awnings are terrific at blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays, allowing outdoor spaces to be enjoyed during the day comfortably. What about at night? Homeowners who wish to utilize their outdoor space after the sun has set should consider adding LED lights to their awning.

With customizable settings, users can dictate how much light is provided, making it easy to create the desired mood. LED lights are not only beneficial at night — if the weather turns gray or stormy, but they can also provide enhanced visibility and protection.

The Sunboot

When your awning season is over and the awning are not in use, they must be properly stored and maintained for the winter. Doing so ensures that they will not encounter any damage that can hinder their ability to function properly for the following season.

The Sunboot is an awning accessory that helps customers keep their sunshade clean and protected from outdoor elements. It is crafted with matching acrylic fabric that wards off moisture, wind, dirt, and animals and is available for all Sunesta awning models. The included Velcro straps provide a secure fit. Clients who wish to keep using their awning year after year should consider adding this protective winter sunboot cover.

Motion Sensor

High winds can cause critical damage to awnings that are not closed and properly secure. Even more so, if any awning comes detached due to high winds, it can cause devastating harm to your home and other properties in the neighborhood. Homeowners might not always be home to secure their awning when the threat of a high wind storm looms.

To keep their awning and property safe, customers can have motion sensors installed on their awning. When the sensor detects the threat of high winds, it will automatically activate the awning’s retraction motor. This accessory helps homeowners keep their investments safe and provides exceptional peace of mind.

My Link

Operating your retractable awning has never been easier thanks to the My Link accessory. Clients simply need to plug in the device, download the app on their smartphone or tablet, and they now can open or close their awning from anywhere.

This feature can be extremely beneficial should you ever need to open or close the awning when not able to physically do it yourself. To go even further, this accessory allows users to create preset events on a seven-day schedule, saving them from needing to worry about manually retracting their awning at specific times.

Multiple Channel Remote Control

Homeowners with multiple motorized awnings and screens may face the dilemma of managing more than one remote control. Keeping track of all these remotes can be tricky. To eliminate this concern and streamline operations, clients can opt for a multiple-channel remote control.

This accessory allows users to program various awnings or sunscreens on one remote, making operating the structures simple and easy. There is now no need for homeowners to worry about finding the correct remote, having enough batteries, or mixing up devices.

Shop Awning Accessories at Designer Awnings

Get the most out of your awning and outdoor space by adding the awning accessories offered at Designer Awnings. These accessories are designed to help clients improve the function and capability of their awnings, allowing them to get more enjoyment out of their space. Individuals located in Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, or the Lehigh Counties in PA can contact Designer Awnings to learn more about our awning accessories or to request a free estimate.

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