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Awnings are not only beneficial when the sun is out. By adding LED lights, you can engage in activities under the awning during the evening or at other times of low lighting. Installing lighting to your retractable awnings is an excellent idea for summer nights on the deck or outdoor dinners when the weather gets brisk in early autumn. An awning also enables you to enjoy your favorite book on a night with light rain. No matter the occasion, you can use LED awning lights to make for a cozy experience.

At Designer Awnings, we offer several lighting solutions for awnings. Homeowners throughout Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, and Lehigh Counties, PA, rely on our team for their awning and retractable screen needs.

Easy Installation and Operation

Sunseta LED awning lights are a breeze to install and use, requiring no electrician or excessive effort. The LED dimming light kit comes with everything item you need to complete a quick and easy installation, including:

  1. Four LED warm white bars (3.3 ft x 0.75 ft )
  • 5-ft interconnect cable
  • 25-ft interconnect cable
  • Dimming RTS receiver
  • 12V transformer
  • Adhesive strips

Once you have all of your items in front of you, you can decide whether to attach light bars to one or both of the retractable arms, or you can utilize the top or bottom arms that operate the awning. After you chose where to display your LED awning lights, the process is simple:

  1. Peel back the adhesive sticker and place the lights in your chosen location.
  2. Set up your remote (sold separately) according to the instructions, or connect your lights to the MyLink App. You may already have the MyLink App to power the opening and closing of your awning. If you do not have the MyLink App, you can download it from the Apple or Google Play store, depending on your device.
  3. Press the up or down arrow on the remote to choose from 12 light dimming options.

These LED awning lights are designed for a simple setup, allowing you to experience optimal relaxation under your awning as soon as possible. The team at Designer Awnings is happy to offer a selection of accessories for controlling your LED lights.

Features of Our LED Awning Lights

Awning lights are excellent for creating a cozy and peaceful atmosphere beneath your awning. By choosing Designer Awnings, you receive high-quality lighting for your awning. Some excellent features and perks of using our LED awning lights include:

  • A transformer that comes with a five-year guarantee
  • Lights that shine up to 12V DC (60W)
  • Various dimming options that offer customized lighting levels for different activities
  • Additional room on tables for more guests, food, drinks, and games
  • A lighting system that is easy to install and operate
  • Lights that automatically time out after three hours to eliminate worry over turning them off after each gathering
  • Waterproof system for improved durability and longevity

Why Add LED Lights to Awnings?

Numerous benefits come with adding LED lights to awnings. For instance, they are a much safer lighting choice than candles or freestanding lamps, which pose potential dangers, especially in homes with children or pets. Other advantages of LED awning lights include:

  • Providing security by illuminating your home’s exterior
  • Delivering various mood settings for enhanced ambiance
  • Enabling you and your family to spend more time outside in the evening

Accessorize Your Awnings with LED Lights

Whether you are in the market for new awnings or already have them and would like to add LED lights, trust Designer Awnings for solutions. Our mission is to provide quality awnings, retractable screens, and accessories to homeowners in Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, and Lehigh Counties, PA. As a family-owned and -operated, faith-based business with over 22 years of experience, we have a reputation for upholding the highest ethics and values in customer service.

If you are ready to augment the style and functionality of your awnings by adding LED Lights, contact us to learn more about our products or request a free estimate today.

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