Can Awnings Improve Your Curb Appeal?

People often look for ways to enhance the character of their home and alter the first impression guests have when they visit. One method for improving your house’s exterior is by installing awnings over your entryway, windows, or deck. Designer Awnings is a family-owned and -operated, faith-based business with over 22 years of experience providing custom awnings to customers in Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, and Lehigh Counties. Here, we discuss how to add curb appeal with awnings.

Add Some Charisma to Your Home’s Exterior 

If you are looking to increase property value or embrace your home a bit more, consider adding some awnings. These pieces are similar to curtains and drapes that embellish the inside of the home. Awnings complement a house’s exterior in multiple ways, including:

Color Contrast

Awnings come in various colors and fabrics, enabling you to select a piece for your home that matches the existing decor or your style. By adding an awning that enhances the brick, stone, or siding of your home, you create a pleasant display that will complement the features of your home. When you choose your awning color, you can curate a display that coordinates specifically with the structure and design of your home.    

Architectural Style

 Adding awnings to your home may help enhance the architecture. Additionally, you have multiple options when selecting the shape that best suits your home’s construction. From domed and concave styles to a rounded entrance canopy or triangular fixed frames, different styles complement a variety of homes.

While awnings have an overall purpose of sun shading, you may use them solely for decor, as well. Add a pop of color to your windows or match the awnings to your shutters for a uniform look. You can choose a curved awning to fit your colonial-style home, or a rectangular striped one to complement your modern-style home. No matter your color or style choice, awnings will make your home look magazine-worthy in no time.

Practicality Aids in Curb Appeal

There are many bonuses to having a home with awnings. For instance, these practical home accessories will delight onlookers and potential buyers if you are selling your home. Even if you are not in the market to sell, the addition of awnings may raise your home’s future value. Aside from adding character and a polished look to your home, awnings are great for:

Reduced Energy Costs

Since window coverings like awnings work as a shade from the sun, they cut down on the amount of excess heat entering your home. These energy-efficient window coverings will keep your home cooler in warmer months, and some of our clients have reported reduced air condition bills of up to 20%. This feature might be a determining factor when calculating the value of your home.

Creating Usable Space

 Awnings give you more usable space, enabling you to enjoy every aspect of your home. Window and door awnings over your entryway provide a place for shade and staying out of the rain. Retractable awnings displayed over porches and patios make a usable space for a greater portion of the year. With an awning, you may be able to use parts of the driveway or yard that would get too hot or wet otherwise.  

Revamp Your Home with Designer Awnings

An awning can change the exterior look of your house in many unique ways, such as increasing the overall appraisal of your home, complementing its structure and colors, and reducing the cost of cooling. If you are located near Allentown, PA, and are in the market for awnings to elevate your home’s curb appeal, look no further than Designer Awnings.

We serve Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, and Lehigh Counties and will gladly guide you through the awning customization process. Get the best of both worlds with practicality and great styles of awnings. Contact us today to get started selecting the best fit for your home or request a free estimate.

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