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Enjoying Your Patio with an Awning

Your patio should be a place of relaxation, socializing, and gathering. Adding awnings over your patio can help enhance the space and allow you to utilize it more often and with greater comfort. Here, Designer Awnings, a family-owned company offering custom awnings and screens throughout Pennsylvania, walks you through how an awning can make your patio an even more enjoyable space.

What Is An Awning?

There are a few different types of awnings that homeowners may consider. Whether you prefer to use retractable awnings over a patio or a deck, or window or door awnings, you will find that all varieties have the same general purpose. Ultimately, they provide shade that protects and shelters your home or your belongings from the sunlight. Most awnings are made from materials like canvas, acrylic, polyester, or wool and serve as a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of a building.

Patio Awning Benefits

There are numerous advantages to adding an awning to your patio. These products not only elevate the appearance of your patio but also offer the following solutions:

Cooling Your Home

A retractable patio awning can shade your home’s exterior from the heat of the sun, which in turn cools your interior. A great advantage of the cooling feature of awnings is that it may even reduce your need for air conditioning, saving you money on your utility bills.

More Opportunities to Use Your Patio

When your patio is guarded by an awning, you can enjoy it even when the weather turns gray or rainy. This feature is beneficial if you are having an outdoor party in the summer. Instead of having people wait inside or cutting the fun time short when it starts sprinkling, you can have guests wait under the awning until the bad weather passes over.

Conversely, patio awnings come in handy on very hot days when the sun’s rays are intense. They provide an area to take in shade and protect the skin for a while before heading back into the pool or yard.

Increased Home Value

A simple awning above your patio can impact your home’s curb appeal, which ultimately affects its value if you decide to sell. Since awnings contribute to energy savings and promote more outdoor enjoyment, they may generate more appeal from prospective buyers.

Protects Outdoor Equipment

Many people with patios have tables, chairs, grills, and other items for hosting barbeques, playing games, or simply hanging out while taking in the sun and breeze. However, leaving these items outside without adequate protection can lead to fading from sunlight and damage from rain or hail.

By installing a patio awning, you guard your outdoor furniture and equipment against the intensity of the sun. This boosts the longevity of your items, potentially saving you money on purchasing new pieces as frequently.

Between their added functionality and eye-catching appearance, awnings enable homeowners to beautify the exterior of their properties while giving them more opportunities to spend time outdoors.

Ways to Enjoy Your Patio Awning

Once your patio awning is installed, you can ponder ways to customize it to match your unique style. For example, you may add accessories to your patio awnings, such as LED lights, sensors, and cleaners. Lights are an especially popular accessory to add to awnings, as they help make enjoying the patio in the evenings more desirable.

Explore the Selection at Designer Awnings

If you wish to improve the appearance and functionality of your patio, consider obtaining awnings from Designer Awnings. We understand how much your home means to you, and we strive to help homeowners create practical and beautiful patio areas. Our vast array of awnings and custom awning designs can add value, function, and curb appeal to any home. We work carefully alongside our reputable brand partner, Sunesta, to provide our customers with American-made, high-quality retractable patio awnings.

Whether you’re entertaining guests or relaxing alone, we believe it is vital to create a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor home space that suits your family’s needs. Individuals located in Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, or the Lehigh Counties in PA can contact Designer Awnings to learn more about patio awnings or request a free estimate today.

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