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Summer Protection Offered by Retractable Screens

The summertime is the preferred time of year for homeowners to enjoy their patio or porch, whether it’s watching the kids swim, hosting a dinner party, or simply reading and relaxing under the warm summer sun. However, several factors may limit the amount of time you can enjoy your outdoor space.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Summer screens offer premium protection, allowing homeowners to get the most out of their outdoor living area. Here, Designer Awnings, a leading provider of retractable screens and other sun-blocking solutions, details the various ways screens can keep you protected this summer.

How Retractable Screens Protect You

Retractable screens are a great addition to any outdoor living space. When not in use, they retract into a concealed housing device, making them virtually invisible. When extended, they offer premium protection against a variety of elements that would otherwise limit the amount of time spent enjoying your patio or porch, such as:

Inclement Weather

One of the biggest advantages of a retractable screen is the protection it provides against inclement weather. When you have a retractable screen, you can relax and enjoy your deck or patio no matter the current weather condition. Whether it’s raining, hailing, or displaying other inclement weather that would prevent you from being outdoors, a retractable screen provides you with a comfortable setting to enjoy the outdoors.


As beautiful as the summertime is, it brings with it the nuisance of pesky insects like mosquitoes and flies. These unwanted guests can be very annoying and prevent you from enjoying your outdoor space. When you add food and drinks into the equation, the problem can get even worse.

While there are other insect deterrent solutions, none are as effective as summer screens. Take pleasure in an environment with much fewer insects when you add a retractable screen to your outdoor space.

Prying Eyes

Many homeowners treat their outdoor areas as their private sanctuaries. It is where they often retreat to find relaxation and privacy. Depending on the location of your space in relation to your neighbors, privacy may be difficult to attain.

Summer screens combat this problem by offering protection from unwanted eyes. With improved privacy, you can also expect improved security as well. Extend the time you spend enjoying your living space when you create a private area with the help of a retractable screen.

The Sun’s Harsh Rays

While spending time outdoors in the sun can provide several health benefits, if not careful, it can also lead to many concerning health conditions. In many cases, homeowners don’t realize the impact of the sun’s harsh rays until it’s too late. With summer screens, you can enjoy all summer has to offer while remaining protected.

Another advantage to a retractable screen is it offers protection against these elements without creating any obstruction. Homeowners can enjoy stunning views of their backyards while remaining protected. This can be especially beneficial for families with small children. 

Additionally, retractable screen offer protection without clients needing to compromise the design of the home. By choosing a color and style that matches your home’s aesthetics, you can maintain its overall looks. No matter if your outdoor living space is constructed from wood, brick, natural stone, concrete, or any other type of building material, summer screens can blend in beautifully and provide you with the protection you desire.

Retractable Summer Home Screens at Designer Awnings

As a family-owned, locally-focused retractable screens dealer with over 20 years of experience, Designer Awnings has a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. To better serve our customers in the Pennsylvania area, we only supply the most reliable and top-quality sun-blocking products. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with Sunesta, a world-class awning and shade manufacturer. Our selection of premium sunscreens from Sunesta includes the Sunroll and the Sentry.

Those located in the counties of Berks, Lackawanna, Monroe, Carbon, Northampton, and Lehigh wishing to learn more about our summer home screens or other advanced products can contact us at Designer Awnings today.

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